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November 2016
high-impact city experiences – designing, managing & marketing the wow! factor

The IE Business School’s Premium and Prestige Business Observatory has made its primary goal to generate knowledge about the Luxury industry and the Premium sector. In recent years, we have carried out several research studies focusing on different areas related to consumer behavior and perspective of experts. One of the topics in which our research has focused is one of the most relevant industries for both Spain and the Luxury sector: Tourism. 

Our focus is Premium Urban Tourism. This time we want to investigate deeper into the impact of technology and digital revolution on the design and experiences’ sale in this sector. How have new players in the tourism sector transformed the customer’s habits and decision making processes? What will define the experience of the future premium urban traveler? What role does technology play? These are just an example of the questions our research will try to answer. 

As a part of our methodology, we collect our primary data from consumers in several international markets. In addition to that we look for in-depth interviews with Industry leaders through the creation of an Expert Panel. We will share with this panel the first results of our research and we will reflect on their meaning.

The Premium Urban Tourism Expert Panel meeting will take place on November 22nd in IE Business School.

luxury surrenders to the internet: millennials vs. boomers

The IE Premium and Prestige Business Observatory will be presenting the “Luxury Surrenders to the internet: Millennials vs. Baby Boomers” report soon at IE Business School.

If you are interested on attending, please let us know, please register at www.observatoriodelmercadopremium.ie.edu

south summit 2016: where entrepreneurship meets premium

South Summit is the leading startup conference in southern Europe. A platform created with the aim to bring together startups, international investors and leading corporations in the search for innovation. It took place on October 5-7 in Madrid (Spain). Maria Eugenia Girón, Executive Director of the IE Business School Premium and Prestige Business Observatory and Executive Director of Rising Tides was one of the guest speakers. 

South Summit website

Click here to watch the video of the panel “Rising Tides Europe”

sustainable luxury - celc 3rd international congress

CELC 3rd International Congress took place on October 19th and 20th in Madrid. With the title “Flax / Linen: The Smart Green Fibre For Smart Business” it dealt with innovation, sustainable development, and traceability of flax (linen), a natural and desirable fiber. To illustrate these man issues, CELC invited several experts including Maria Eugenia Girón, Executive Director of the IE Business School Premium and Prestige Business Observatory.

Read more

premium and prestige business observatory @ 3rd luxonomy annual congress

The 3rd Luxonomy Annual Congress took place on November 3rd at The Westin Palace Hotel. 100 professionals of the Luxury and Premium sectors could discuss four main issues: Digital Internationalization, Tourism, Capital and EcoLuxury or Sustainable Luxury.

Read more @ Luxonomy website

artificial intelligence joins the luxury industry

by María Eugenia Girón

With the arrival of “IOT” (Internet Of Things), shopping and consumption habits will be modified too. Soon, everything around us will be intelligent and connected.

Read article @ Forbes Mexico
marie claire magazine celebrates female entrepreneurship

Marie Claire celebrated yesterday their First Female Entrepreneurship Conference by Cristian Lay with three important mentors and three successful entrepreneurs that shared their experience with the audience. Maria Eugenia Girón, Executive Director of the IE Premium and Prestige Business Observatory, was one of them.

Read article @ Marie Claire Spain
“changing the game of fast fashion” moderated by sean ansett

Sean Ansett, jury member of the IE Sustainable Luxury Awards, moderates this event that will include an inspiring panel discussion and deep-dive breakout sessions. Networking with CFOs, CMOs, CPOs and CSOs of leading fashion brands, corporate responsibility leaders, cutting-edge designers, as well as sustainable and fair trade fashion and accessory producers from across the globe.

Read details @ NYU website
luxonomy interviews maria eugenia girón

“Today nobody neither wants nor needs brands that don’t make the world a better place” is the headline for this interesting interview that Luxonomy carried out with Maria Eugenia Girón, Executive Director of the IE Business School Premium and Prestige Business Observatory.

Read interview @ Luxonomy website

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