Volume 46 September 2013
Cultural Agenda

Gauguin, Bonnard, Denis. A Russian taste of French Art at Hermitage Museum (Amsterdam)

Ron Arad at IvoryPress (Madrid)

Edmund de Waal at Gagosian Gallery (New York)

Midsummer Nights Dream Walliams Smith

Theatre: Midsummer Night Dream (London)

Theatre: Kamp (Paris)
Film review: 12 Years a Slave
Film review: The Double
Film review: The Stuart Hall Project
News & Events
Hay Festival Segovia

Egypt: on the road to disaster
By Haizam Amirah, Associate Professor at IE Humanities Center

Por Rafael Puyol, Vicepresidente de Fundación IE

Book Review
The Chilhood of Jesus
By JM Coetzee
El héroe discreto
By Mario Vargas Llosa
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