Volume 40 January 2013

Robert Adams at MNCARS (Madrid)

Turner's Sussex at Petworth House (Pentworth, UK)

Otto Dix and the new objectivity at Kunstmuseum (Stuttgart)

Dance: The Rime of the Ancient Mariner (London)

Theatre: The Reunification of the two Koreas (Paris)
Theatre: Picnic (New York)
Film review: Les Misérables
Film review: The Master
Film review: Django Unchained

Acuerdo IE y Fundación Excelentia

Tertulia con Elena Hernando, Directora del Museo Lázaro Galdiano

España 2050
Por Rafael Puyol, Vicepresidente de IE Foundation

El espejismo de unos hermanos ansiosos
Por Haizam Amirah Fernández, Profesor Asociado de IE School of Arts & Humanities

Life and Death are wearing Me Out
by Mo Yan
The Pike: Gabrielle D'Anunzio
by Lucy Hughes-Hallett

El gran búfalo americano
por Pedro Letai

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