IE Business School #1 business school in the world for entrepreneurs is pleased to invite you discover the secrets to a successful and sustainable growth strategy.

Hello from IE,

As a business owner, you have been faced with challenges along the way and, yet, have triumphed. You have survived the start-up phase and have grown. However, now it is time for reflection. Will growth be a long-term and sustainable component of your business? Do you know when you should scale-up and how to correctly allocate your business resources overtime to attain long-term success?

The key to a successful scale up company focused on growth lies in operations. This new event, organized by IE Scale Up Society, is an opportunity to discover what fast growing businesses can learn about scaling from operations.

Date: Thursday, March 23rd, 2017.
17:00 hrs.
Venue: The Garden, Area 31 (Exclusive Entrepreneurship and Innovation Center), Maria Molina 31, Madrid
  Joe Haslam: Chairman and co-founder of Hot Hotels, Europe┬┤s largest last minute only hotel booking APP. At IE Business School, he is the Executive Director of the Owners Management Program.
Professor Daniel Corsten: Professor of Operations at IE Business School with more than a decade investigating business models in different industries such as automotive, software and computers.  
  Challenge yourself to explore your full managerial potential and empower your business’ growth.  
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