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IE October 2013
memoraBLE experiences
the conclusions

The past July, Maria Eugenia Girón, professor at IE and Executive Director of The Premium and Prestige Business Observatory, and Jose Luiz Ibañez , the principal investigator, together with five experts on luxury from several industries presented the last study of the Observatory “Discovering the keys to a Memorable experience”.

As explained already, Technology, Customisation, Customer interaction and “WOW moments” are the four factors that determine whether the purchase of a product becomes a memorable experience and will help strengthen the bond between brand and consumer.

Click here to have an overview of the data results. To download the complete study click here or in visit our website www.observatoriodelmercadopremium.ie.edu.

** Our thanks to Abadia Retuerta to share with us a reflection of one of their Unique Experiences offered in their winery through this picture above.

luxury experts and memorable experiencies
according to the experts

Focusing on the WOW Moments, the Observatory found out thank to the expert’s analysis that exists a new consideration of these WOW Moments on the BTL strategies and plans, or further more, a new unit of business for many companies focused on experiences creation for the consumers.

Our experts sum up in in a few words their thoughts on what a memorable experience is for them, related to each one's industry::

JORGE MORENO - Marketing Director of Master Card Spain & Portugal

"A memorable experience should generate the desire to talk about it. It should create the desire to be available to everyone, to reach a vast number of people. That is how the brand impact can become truly impressive".

PHILIPPE GUILLAUMET - Honorary Consul of Monaco in Madrid and Business Advisor

"A successful memorable experience may involve daring, discovery, pleasure and dreams. A memorable moment is a time when I am able to make my dreams come true".

RAFAEL ANSON - President of Real Academia de Gastronomía Española

"Drown the bad in an abundance of good". This phrase can represent a way of life and a chance to allow you to be happy. Bad things, in a system of freedoms, are unavoidable. An experience should compensate the bad with a lot of good.
A memorable experience occurs when you discover something that you feel others do not know about. 

As Brillat Savarain said, it is more important for mankind to discover a new dish than a star. And this is true in the world of gastronomy as well. Cooks and chefs have reached the status of artists, as they manage to surprise, arouse our curiosity and create excitement, like any other artist.
In the world of gastronomy, as in the world of luxury, what is important is to tell a story; this is why we have brought the cooks out of the kitchen.
And just as important as this is to share. Memorable experiences are almost always shared.

SANDRA DEL RÍO - Director of Traveller Magazine

"Starting off from the assumption that life is a journey, we always try to make it as enjoyable, memorable and long as possible. When a trip pleasantly surprises you, it enhances your capacity to feel pleasure, physically and intellectually motivates you and makes you feel deeply fortunate: you have just achieved the perfect union, one that can be called a Memorable Experience".

MONTSE CUESTA - Director of AD Magazine

"A satisfactory moment, a bond of loyalty with the brand, word of mouth which is now becoming increasingly effective through social networks. Anything one lives with can make one happy. The intimate experience with things that we love to have".

ENRIQUE VALERO - General of Manager Abadia Retureta

"A genuine experience transcends the product itself". "

Abadia Retuerta is a project with a soul. Its new strategy revolves around two key points:
Sharing. Anything that is not shared or communicated does not exist. If it is not shared, we move on and it is forgotten about.
Consumer. The Keyword of our strategy and plan. How might the consumer feel when visiting our sites? Those insights that are normal for staff may be a unique experience for the consumer.  So let's share them with our customers.

The company takes a leap from wine tasting tours to becoming a department of unique experiences. "We have become ARTISTS IN RECEIVING, receiving them into our home and showing it to them. We offer them a bespoke suit".


out of the box
according to Fabrizio Salvador  

Operations - Professor at Instituto de Empresa

“The Wow moment for a health service customer can be defined as an experience where healthcare services have a positive impact on the customer’s hospital stay and on the quality of the care received (for the patient, family members etc.) without detriment to the medical standards”, according to Fabrizio Salvador, Professor of Operations Management at the IE Business School.

There are huge opportunities for bringing down costs and increasing the quality of primary and specialist care, by implementing achievable operational improvements through organisational and process redesign initiatives.

“The current reality facing the majority of hospitals or health services is the lack of segmentation in their operations management system. Health service processes are not designed from the point of view of service operations”, says Fabrizio Salvador. “We have to identify the specific processes by applying business process reengineering methods”.

To go to the full report, click here (only available in Spanish).

Importance of the Internet for Consumers of
Premium and Luxury Products in mexico

The Observatorio has started a collaboration with Condé Nast Mexico in order to better understand behavior of the Premium products consumer and the internet relevance in that country.

This collaboration, which is part of the international profile of the Observatorio, has been carried out with a research project among subscribers and fans of this publisher’s magazines: Vogue, Glamour, AD, GQ, and will help in revealing the differences between Spanish and Mexicans Premium product consumers.

Click here to discover the results and conclusions.

the wow fact
the four keys

Oscar Wilde said that experience is the name we give to our mistakes. But further from this description, Maria Eugenia Girón talks about the insights that a brand must care about in order to offer memorable moments to the customers. Discover more.

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