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June 2018

luca solca @ masters of premium & luxury

The 2018 edition of the IE Premium Travel Barometer is again a leap forward regarding quality, depth and diversity of insights. Our research partnerships with Traveller Made and Travesias Media were a great help in accessing many of the top executives of the hospitality and travel trade/design sectors. The presentation  was done by Jörn Gieschen and followed by a roundtable with Maria Eugenia Girón, Executive Director of IE Premium and Prestige Business Observatory, Javier Arredondo, President at Travesias Media, Vicky Vilches, journalist and writer, and Jennifer Zhang, CEO at Ctrip Spain.

"Personalization of services" remains the most important topic, with an ongoing key challenge of finding the right balance between high-tech and high-touch solutions. The biggest winner concept in 2018 is human connection and interaction, connecting with family & friends and meaningfully interacting with interesting locals and peers during travel.

You can read the report here.

You can watch Maria Eugenia Girón interviewing Jörn Gieschen here.

Jörn Gieschen talks about findings in Premium travel and you can watch it here.


what is important for premium tourism?

by María Eugenia Girón

Travel and experience personalization keep on being the most relevant aspects for the Premium traveler. To make a trip unforgettable, the human connections make the difference.

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ie premium travel barometer in the media

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luxury adapts to grow in the digital era

by María Eugenia Girón

Many luxury brands were created centuries ago. How have they transformed to keep growing in the digital era? It is convenient to wonder why any of these brands is needed.

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excellence in spanish: a promising future

by María Eugenia Girón

The growth of high-end brands in Spain during the last three years has been 8%, exceeding the worldwide average of 3%. The luxury client in Spain comes from outside, mainly China.

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chanel embraces transparency

Chanel has released full-year earnings for the first time. Reporting revenues of $9.6 billion in 2017 with 11 percent organic growth, the company has produced an operating profit of almost $2.7 billion.

The report –available to view here– details how the company operates, its commitments to wider society, and how it collaborates with external stakeholders on sustainability issues. It's an important statement that acknowledges the growing expectation for greater transparency and accountability from brands.

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