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IE January 2013
Luxury surrenders to the internet
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The last October were presented the main conclusions of the study “Importance of the Internet for Consumers of Premium and Luxury Products”, elaborated by the Premium and Prestige Business Observatory sponsored by MasterCard and with the collaboration of Condé Nast group.

Maria Eugenia Girón, profesor at IE and Executive Director of The Premium and Prestige Business Observatory, and Javier Pascual, President of Condé Nast Spain and Mexico, could confirm that the luxury industry is surrounded by an authentic digital r-evolution. Internet has changed the ways of accede to the luxury and has also redefined the way of taking purchasing decisions

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Already the 24% of luxury goods consumers are shopping online. See more.

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interview with an expert
Claudia D'Arpizio

Interview with Claudia D'Arpizio, an expert in luxury and fashion industry over 15 years experience, Claudia has advised a large number of Italian and international companies. D'Arpizio has been working with the association Altagamma in an updated study with a base of over 220 global companies published annually luxury. Read more.


Trends and facts on the luxury industry
China quakes the luxury industry

Maria Eugenia Girón analizes what will happen with the evaluations of the luxury goods industry.

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What is luxury for you?

Jose Luís Ibañez, Principal Investigator of The Premium and Prestige Business Observatory.

" From the industry point of view the term luxury is fairly well defined: refers to products that are exclusive, of superior quality, with an identifiable aesthetic and a well-known brand.However, on a personal level this term is generally more diffuse, less definable, more specific to each person, and therefore more difficult to articulate in words.
In my case, luxury is mainly the opposite of routine, something that is not part of my “modus vivendi”, that is rewarding and, above all, that makes me feel "more alive". Therefore, I consider that a product or service is a luxury one if it makes me feel  these kind of sensations regardless of price or brand (although sometimes brand and price also help); and fortunately there are a great variety of products and experiences around us that I can consider luxury".

What is luxury for you?

Susana Campuzano, Director at Luxury Advice and Profesor at IE.

"Anything that transcends the everyday and having a high content of personal pleasure and social recognition".

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