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December 2014
ie annual luxury barometer - experts meeting
The Luxury Barometer 2014. From experts to experts

The IE Premium and Prestige Business Observatory is focused on generating knowledge about the luxury industry worldwide. In recent years we have conducted research on different areas of interest related to the industry. The impact of internet in premium and luxury consumer behaviour, the meaning for luxury clients of a memorable experience or the preferences of today’s urban explorers, are some of the topics explored in our studies.

The year 2014 marks the launch of “IE Annual Luxury Barometer” that identifies the key issues driving change within the luxury industry.

We picked a group of fifty luxury experts to help us define what was the luxury pulse for 2014. We asked them to choose the ten facts or issues that they believed were most relevant for luxury industry during 2014. All of them, as experts in the luxury industry, provided diverse and complementary perspectives as luxury brands top executives, advisors, academics, consultants or journalists. Once we consolidated all their answers, there was a meeting to discuss the results and fine-tune the conclusions. This meeting took place on November 21 at IE in Madrid. It was a great opportunity to have a closed-door discussion with piers about the state and projections for the luxury industry. Their answers and the discussion we had together will allow IE Observatory for Premium and Prestige Business to launch the “IE Annual Luxury Barometer”.

“The luxury barometer 2014. From experts to experts” will be presented at IE next January 14th. Media, students and other constituents of the Observatory will be invited.

the observatory connects with resp

interview with María Eugenia Girón

“Luxury products have to be sustainable or they will no longer luxury'. Some considerations published in RESP website. Maria Eugenia Girón is a member of RESP’s advisory board.

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#newluxury @ london business school

The event at London Business School to present the book “Sustainable luxury: stories of the pioneers” and introduce some of the social innovation pioneers, was the inaugural event of the London Social Innovation Collective. This organization was launched to be a forum for though and research about social entrepreneurship for the academic institutions of London Business School, UCL and Kings College.

María Eugenia Girón, co-author of the book, was in charge of the presentation.

Kresse Wesling, founder of Elvis and Kresse, Oliver Wayman and Cameral Saul, founders of Bottletop as well as Carrie Sommers founder of Pachacuti and leader of Fashion Revolution initiative shared their stories. At the debate moderated by Professor Jeff Skinner that followed their presentations, the questions raised by the audience were focused on understanding what elements had driven their success stories. Why they were there leading growth companies, while many others had failed in their ventures.

The novelty of this space for entrepreneurship was intriguing, even for those that never thought of premium or luxury as an option. #newluxury was the hashtag that described the spirit of the discussion.

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monocle interested in the work of the observatory

Monocle, the global affairs and lifestyle magazine uploaded to their website one of their latest radio shows, titled “The entrepreneurs”, which includes an interview with Maria Eugenia Girón, Executive Director of the IE Premium and Luxury Market Observatory.

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ie venture day madrid - november 13th

The Venture Lab is IE Business School´s startup accelerator where students and alumni are given the opportunity to launch their own ventures with the support of our expert mentor network, a series of startup workshops, and incubation at Area 31 our startup incubator. We accelerate 50 innovative high potential startups a year of which we see up to 20% of teams go on to launch the venture and/or secure seed funding.

María Eugenia Girón, Executive Director of the IE Premium and Luxury Market Observatory, was on the competition jury and participated in the discussion panels: “Spain--The Comeback” along with Liz Fleming (Deputy MD Venture Lab, IE Business School), Alberto Gomez (Adara Venture Partners), Mark Kavelaars (Swan Laab), and Ander Michelena (Ticketbis);and “The Business Of Emotions: A Digital Perspective” along with Paris De L’etraz (MD Venture Lab, IE Business School), Gabriel Aldamiz (Chicisimo), Fernando Porcar (Luxury Lab Eu), Olivier Gay (Dir. General, Cartier), Fernando Rimbas (Dir. General Gentleman Magazine), Tomas Villen (Dir. General, Porsche), and Ivan Martinez Cubells (Dir. Editorial Unidad Editorial).

IE Business School is one of the most celebrated business schools in the world ranked No.1 in Europe and 8th Worldwide by The Financial Times 2012. IE Business School is also ranked No. 9 Worldwide for Entrepreneurship by Bloomberg´s Business Week.

#newluxury @ london business school

Successful entrepreneurs are leading the way in the fast growing & lucrative space of health & wellbeing.

On November 25th, IE Business School organized an evening of inspirational speakers and networking at the exclusive member’s wellbeing club, Wakeman Road, founded by the youngest person to IPO in the UK, Emma Sinclair. It was a conversation with internationally successful pioneers who have launched businesses which are not just good for us but with a perspective towards the environment, sustainability and social issues. They are transformational leaders who inspire, provide intellectual stimulus and care deeply about people and the environment.

Maria Eugenia Girón, Executive Director of the Premium Market and Prestige Product Observatory moderated the Q&A’s.

Wakeman Road is a unique artisan space exclusively for the use of members and their guests. A new type of private club, driven and dedicated to optimizing members’ health and wellbeing.

The private equity group owning the infamous Priory Hospital, best known for offering rehabilitation to troubled celebrities, recently announced it is to open a branch in the city of London catering to financial workers. Health & wellbeing are big business.

ie sustainable luxury awards jury member recognised

Sean Anset (Fairphone’s Chief Sustainability Officer) received the 2014 Sustainia Community Award.

With the intent of creating a fairer economy, the social enterprise Fairphone is changing the way mobile phones are made. Wishing to make a social impact at every stage of the value chain, the Dutch social enterprise has redesigned the production process behind their smartphone and opened up the supply chain. From responsible mining, decent wages and working conditions to reuse and recycling, Fairphone wish to lead by example and show the world that it is possible to produce a more ethical mobile phone and build an economy based on social and environmental values. Read more: sustainia.me

Click here to watch the video of Sean Anset accepting the award.

luxurylab mexico 2014

featuring María Eugenia Girón

Interesting video called "Una visión general de la industria del lujo" in which Maria Eugenia Girón analyzes the luxury market.

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