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IE December 2013
Not just a car... a dream

The past 4th of December, the IE Observatory of Premium and Prestige Business had the opportunity to join the session “Not just a car… a dream” organized IE Business School and FERRARI.

We had the chance to meet and network with two members of executive team and discuss about the luxury industry in a round table: Francesco Bianchi, President for Europe, Middle East and Africa at Ferrari, and Dennis de Munck, Talent Acquisition & Development Director at Ferrari.

We learnt from a mythical brand, the brand of the “cavallino”, started by Enzo Ferrari in 1947 and linked to Formula I since the beginning.

Ferrari is a global symbol linked to Italy, to Modena, to Maranello. Did you know that the bells of Maranello toll whenever a Ferrari wins a race at GP? Yes they do and this is often!

Here, some thoughts of the Italian brand:

 “ When you buy a Ferrari you pay for the engine, the rest of the car, we give it away” said once Enzo Ferrari. This shows Ferrari commitment to performance. Performance and Formula I are part of the brand DNA.

“The bast car is the one we still have to develop”. This shows the company commitment to continuous innovation and search for excellence.

We also had the opportunity to know deeper about the wine brand ABADIA RETUERTA's values and their new opening in Madrid, The Craft www.clubthecraft.com. We were all delighted by its wonderful wines!! Thank to this D.O. Ribera del Duero winery.

luxury customization
according to Maria Eugenia Girón  

Some considerations about the luxury industry evolution and its growth published in the prestigious FORBES Magazine. Read more.


responsible luxury
according to Maria Eugenia Girón  

Does responsible luxury exist? Read more about it in this article published in the prestigious FORBES Magazine.


Premium fest 2013
the annual date of the premium industry

Maria Eugenia Girón was invited as an expert of the premium and luxury industry during the Premium Fest Forum of Professionals, the past month of November during the Premium Fest edition placed in Bilbao city.

Based on the last results published by the IE Observatory of Premium and Prestige Business, she explained the relation between premium, luxury and the technology, and the impact of the internet on the luxury industry.

Click here to watch the complete video.

our best wishes
in the name of the IE and the Prestige Business Observatory...

...we’d like to wish you a HAPPY NEW YEAR 2014, plenty of challenging projects, peace and joy.

As well as thank you to all of those who attend our presentations and follow the content of our website http://www.observatoriodelmercadopremium.ie.edu

Looking forward to see you in future events.

With kind  regards,

Maria Eugenia Girón 
Executive Director

María de Molina 6, 1st floor
28006 Madrid